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oh hi. I am a musician who also does some Geometry Dash creating (emphasis on "some"). I want to make some music that people enjoy. 90% of the stuff on here was stuff that was first on CHIPS, however I will try and post some non-CHIPS stuff here as well.

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Posted by SplatterDash - September 27th, 2020

So uh, I wanted to do this waay earlier but I kinda forgot lol. Hopefully this is still in good enough time to talk about this.

Among Us

I have mentioned this before, but I'm available for anyone who needs music for their Among Us animations! Whether it's something I've already made or something completely new, feel free to contact me if you want to use something of mine in your animation.

Post-NGUAC Thoughts

This year's NewGrounds Underdogs Audio Competition was - and I think many other judges can agree with me on this - much larger than those held in previous years, and I mean that in terms of both quantity and quality of the pieces brought to us. The pieces were definitely of high quality, and while many of us didn't agree that some pieces were better than others, the competition was higher than ever across all groups.

In terms of scores that I gave out, I want to say this to everyone who participated: don't be discouraged from what you see by the numbers. If anything, feel absolutely free to contact me for a review, and I can turn numbers into a critique for you. No matter what, though, the numbers that I gave - and the reasons why I gave them - are probably way different than the numbers that Jessie and SJLS gave, or the numbers that ACXLE gave, and so on. I personally think the best part about these is not the numbers you get, but rather the feedback you can trade them in for to grow and improve. Heck, I didn't win my first NGADM or NGUAC, but I took the advice I got and I came here - chances are, a lot of others here have done that too.

If you're still discouraged after that, then just realize that at least you tried and got somewhere - even if it was the lowest score in the audition phase, you still gave it a shot. You still allowed yourself to be judged, and hey, you now have the opportunity to grow from it. You got feedback, and now it leaves you a step forward from where other people would be if they never entered at all. That's honestly the hidden beauty of the competitions, is that you can improve and take a step forward compared to never leaving the ground at all.

If you're curious what my scores were, you can find them for all rounds in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/146h1H3rJyeOo6YxD0DBND89UMOY7-5-MbCL7MoMbHpU/edit?usp=sharing

Congrats to VociferousMusic, who not only won the competition this year but also had the only piece that took home a solid 10 from me and a few other judges!


More on the SMP soundtrack, another track has been posted! Feel free to check out the song, "Journey", here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yabAoCtbV-g

Thank you to Madeon, who edited the video this time around!

In addition, two more tracks were revealed, made by fellow Newgrounds musicians SirHadoken and Boom Kitty. You can check each of their tracks, Hip and Walk (respectively), over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khKEBHOr4Pw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4IoW5MaGSE

From what I have been told, the final soundtrack sneak peek will be happening soon, but the peek will of course not showcase all songs. Thankfully, (hopefully) every song on the SMP OST made by me will be making its way here to Newgrounds following its opening. I say hopefully because there is one song I'm questioning - I won't say why as of yet, but just know that one song may or may not be included on the track when it comes here.

That's all for now. I'm honestly looking forward to the end of NGADM, and might get myself involved in near-future audio competitions here on the competitor side...

Posted by SplatterDash - September 9th, 2020

So the good ol' eye might notice that not only have I posted two songs so far this year, but also the most recent of the two, River Navigator, went up in February. Long story short, I slipped into a music coma when COVID came until the three audio competitions came around (speaking of which, the two people who asked for NGUAC reviews - I'll get them to you either tonight or tomorrow, sorry for the wait <3). However, I'm happy to mention that I finally got myself out of it, and in a good way!

I am one of the many developers that is currently working behind the scenes for the second season of the Bob Survival MultiPlayer server!

While I can't reveal too many details just yet, what I can mention is that this server, when it is fully completed, will be invite-only. It's also going to be much bigger than its first season, including custom armor that is stronger than netherite, custom mobs, and custom soundtracks and SFX. Over the last month, I've been on the team working on the latter part, and we produced quite a bit, continuing to make things even now. However, none of it has been officially revealed... until now.

A few of the OST songs were revealed to the public, and one of them is a song of mine, Jumanji. Feel free to check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YaFRy2lq7c

A huge, HUGE thank you to the server managers - AmorAltra and ArgonGaming - for this opportunity to work on the OST and SFX, as it helped me not only get out of a dry spell on my end but it also gave me a challenge, especially with the SFX (which, admittedly, I'm kinda bad at lol). Also, thank you to Colon for the creation of the visualizer and video that accompanies the song!

I mentioned a few of the songs were released, with only one of them being mine. The other two songs released were made by SirHadoken and Vlusky, and you can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziguWpyOOLo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD9503PR1Mw

They did a fantastic job on their portions of the OST, so definitely give them some support!

That's it for now, but keep an eye out, as I'll be mentioning any further reveals with the OST as the server comes closer to completion. My portion of the soundtrack might even make its way here to Newgrounds, perhaps...

Posted by SplatterDash - April 1st, 2020


iu_106213_6873099.gif...ok in all seriousness though, stay safe :D


Posted by SplatterDash - April 21st, 2019

So today I logged onto my Ableton account and found out that I was upgraded from my copy of Live 9 to a copy of Live 10 (still Lite). I was really ecstatic to try it out, especially since it looked really cool from what was being shown on multiple angles. The only thing was that nobody I knew of tried out the Lite version, so I was kinda treading into unfamiliar water.

First thing I did once I booted it up was I loaded up my custom plug-ins folder for Ableton. Now, I do have them seperated by 32- and 64-bit, but the majority of what I use is only 32-bit. My fear was that I would be losing that, since the copy of Live 10 Lite didn't come in a 32-bit and only in a 64-bit, and, well... I got what I feared would happen: only the 64-bit plugins showed up, and not the 32-bit plugins. It's a problem carried over from Live 9, but something that I would definitely want to see improved in later Live versions: I would love a 64-bit DAW that could utilize both 32- and 64-bit VSTs and plugins without using something like JBridge, that way there's more unity between them and it allows for us music producers to have a bigger sandbox to roam around in.

Second thing I noticed was that many of the audio devices were carried over, while many others were replaced with newer devices. When I booted some of them up, they had new knobs, but others had the same. All of the effects were the same as well, except for Utility. It's a good change-up compared to Live 9, and I will definitely praise Ableton for that. As of right now, though, I have yet to see any of the instruments in action, so that is something I will look forward to.

Overall: I'm quite excited to see what's in store for Live 10 and me, but I may be sticking with Live 9 a little longer because of the plugins. It's not a big issue, it's just something I've gotten used to having; basically, it's the handicap I've been using for so long and have yet to really shake off. Still, hopefully I can look forward to Live 10, and who knows, maybe other Live versions fix the plugin issue. Whatever happens, I'm down with the music I may make because of this shake-up.

EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm not sponsored by them, I just figured I'd do this because I could, and also this isn't fact, it's opinion, and you guys can have your own opinions on Live 10, I don't mind ;)



Posted by SplatterDash - March 31st, 2019

EDIT: Happy April Fools day! Sorry I couldn't go a little more than what I wanted to, but hey, Tom pulled the better joke, even if it did infringe on mine lol.

Basically, the whole reason I pulled the joke I did was because of the song I released today - and that's no joke, you can check it out here if you're interested! I was going for a wumpocolypse feel, so hopefully I did it right. I tried to use as much as I could without using the actual logo (the Wumpus photo, to my knowledge, is not an official Discord image, but it's not mine either) because I don't want to start abusing Discord's logo, especially since they're an amazing voice service and I kinda want to keep using it lol.

Speaking of which... I actually do have an account on Discord, and I was considering gutting out an old server I have that nobody's in and making it into an official server. Would anyone be interested if I do go through with that?

Alright, time to undo all the work I did today while I wait for the opportunity to change my Discord username after changing it 3 times within a half hour for the joke on other servers I did lol. The track's still staying up, though, so feel free to listen to it all you want :D


Hey, I don't have time so I need to make this quick. I think all of you know Discord by now, they're the guys who have the great voice service, which I love so much... I didn't know they had this, though...

Apparently, they unleashed this group of animals called the Wumpus when they made their voice service... It looks cuddly, but it's sure not that way on the inside. They've gathered into a cult... and they're chasing down certain people on some sort of hit list... I think I'm next up on it. I wonder if the Discord guys know about this... or if they're alright...

I have no time, my phone battery is running low... This might be the end, guys. I don't know if I will survive the Wumpus cult, or what they will do to me...

Shoot, I have to go. I think they s@


Posted by SplatterDash - February 27th, 2019

It's hard to believe, but dang, one of my songs, my remix of A Breeze From Home, recently hit 1,000 views.

Looking back, it's been a long journey from where I started about a year ago to now. It's actually kinda ironic that the song is the first to hit 1K views, since it talks so much about home, and boy I need that right now lol. Troisnyx, Phyrnna, I really want to thank you both. I know I've said it a hundred times, but I absolutely adore A Breeze From Home, and it was truly fun to make the piece, gain advice during the A Breeze From Home competition, and watch it get second overall. I still remember the joy and surprise I had when I found out about it's placement, and I'm still going on EBF5 (I have gotten pretty far though, I'm hooked on all the modern and fourth-wall jokes lol).

There's still quite a bit to do from here. Hopefully my life will stop going after me and I will be able to give reviews just like when I first joined NG. Plus, with CHIPS opting to go with monthly compos, and the rebirth of NAC, along with the occasional other competition here on NG, I'll continue to stick around here. Maybe I'll be able to ditch Ableton Live 9 Lite for a better version of Ableton and/or another DAW and I can grow further from there... who knows?

Thank you all for your kind words and feedback on my tracks. Here's to what's ahead ;)


Posted by SplatterDash - January 21st, 2019

Alright, haven't done one of these in a while, so late happy new year to you all :)

So, as may have already been noticed, I removed my SoundCloud account off of my links. Why? Two reasons, mostly: first, I never used it. I only put up one song on it, but never really put up another  one on it, so all the account had was just one song, for the sole purpose of I didn't know it could be uploaded onto NG. However, after a little bit (about like four months or something like that lol), I got the courage to upload it here, where I knew I could be happy with it here.

And that leads into the other reason: I wasn't motivated to stay on SoundCloud. See, SoundCloud has it's 3-hour limit on non-paying accounts, which means that I'm extremely limited on how many songs I can upload there. Plus, there really isn't people in the community who help others. The reason why I like NG is because I can get feedback on what I do, which is part of why I stay and enter into contests and competitions. SoundCloud, to me, seems kinda like the music world's YouTube, where the sole purpose of uploading is to try and make it big, and the sole purpose of making an account is to pay the company behind the service. Newgrounds isn't like that, because there's still a lot for people to do even without the supporter status; basically, Newgrounds is a free service, with supporter status being paid add-ons, while SoundCloud (and partially Youtube, too) are pretty much paid services, giving little to those like me who either can't or don't want to pay money to the company.

So long story short: I will no longer upload stuff to SoundCloud, and I have already removed the SC link from my profile. The one song that was on the account, a remix of Every Hour On The Hour, is now here on NG. From here on, I'll basically be using the account only to follow people or listen to music, but never to upload stuff again.

With that said, hope you are enjoying 2019 :D I myself am trying to get over a few IRL things, but once they are done and over with, I'm gonna be making music with CHIPS and NG. I could also be potentially getting into a few things into the future, but mainly I'm gonna stick to music, perhaps maybe getting into GD again, for a little bit...



Posted by SplatterDash - August 6th, 2018

So after having a whole ton of controversy between myself about it, I decided to go ahead and utilize my SoundCloud account to post songs (very few, since you can only post 180 hours on an account without Pro) and make some playlists from time to time. There's already a song up on my SC page, so go ahead and take a look! https://soundcloud.com/splatterhead192108952

Following this post, this will also be in the links of mine, so you guys can always go and check it out ;)


Posted by SplatterDash - July 9th, 2018

Hey boiis for all of you that are interested in a game to play, right here on Newgrounds, go check out Conjugate by 1f1n1ty! It's a really great game and worth giving a shot ;) https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713867

PLUS give some love to 1f1n1ty and Tesseract42 for their hard work on the game, as well as the various people that tested this game and gave it some feedback, you all rock :D

EDIT: almost forgot to mention, you can check the previous news post for the links to each OST + OST Bemix song individually, or click here to go to the playlist of OST and remixed songs. I will update the descriptions of each of my songs right now with the link to the game :)

Posted by SplatterDash - July 7th, 2018

So, for all that don't know, 1f1n1ty made a game called Conjugate that will be released here on Newgrounds... soon™. Recently, him and Tesseract42 both made and released the game's official soundtrack (also here on Newgrounds). After hearing it a few days ago, I honestly couldn't help myself, so I made three remixes of the soundtrack: Intro (SP Bemix), Contrast, and Reminisque! I highly suggest checking out the original two tracks in the Conjugate OST and showing some love to 1f1n1ty and Tesseract42 because they make some pretty cool stuff.


01 - Intro: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/813765

02 - Loop: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/813766


01 - Intro (SP Bemix): https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/814213

02 - Contrast: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/814214

03 - Reminisque: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/814215

Playlist (including all five songs): https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/17536b1eb47324f754c1bf3d46497055

Imma put a new post when the game releases so that you guys can play the game and enjoy it ;)