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oh hi. I am a musician who also does some Geometry Dash creating (emphasis on "some"). I want to make some music that people enjoy. 90% of the stuff on here was stuff that was first on CHIPS, however I will try and post some non-CHIPS stuff here as well.

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SplatterDash's News

Posted by SplatterDash - August 7th, 2021

The newest update to the Bob and Bosip mod released earlier today! If you don't know what it is, Bob and Bosip is a mod that I worked on for music from the beginning. The new update adds in a whole bunch of new features - a new overarching UI, brand new Gamemode, a side week, and even a crossover with another mod! Go check it out here.

Just to put it in perspective as well, the mod did so good today that we went through four mirrors within five hours after the release - that's insane to me lol. And of course, I know that everyone wants to hear the music that came as part of the mod. Luckily, the new tracks will (mostly) be making their way here to Newgrounds, starting tonight with Swing EX and Tutorial EX! Both the original Tutorial Remix Instrumental and both versions of Swing were also updated and look absolutely clean. Tomorrow, I'll put up Conscience and Intertwined, which you can play in Week In The Background; however, you can find them in the official OST video or even listen to them on SoundCloud!

The only songs I won't upload here on NG are:

  • The full Tutorial remix. I actually had the vocals replaced in the song so that they didn't use the ones from the Tutorial in the main FNF game, but I pulled a whoopsie and accidentally submitted the old version for the mod. I take full responsibility for that, and out of respect of the VA for GF (I'll mention them below) I won't put that up unless it goes live in game, which is uncertain at this time. (please don't ask either thanks)
  • Both songs from Bob Takeover (Cutscene Ronsip and Ronald McDonald Slide). There's no way I could post them up here without having them removed in best case scenario or getting audio banned in worst case scenario because of the meme samples that were used and/or referenced. There's a ton, and because I respect Newgrounds I won't post them here. You can, however, find their official releases on YouTube and SoundCloud thanks to AmorAltra.

I do of course want to mention and thank a few people who helped with the songs, and I encourage you to check out their stuff (links will be in their songs):

  • Ohyaholla, Bluskys and Amor for creating the amazing art that's on the discs and in each song. Seriously, it's so good.
  • Every VA that allowed me to use their voice for vocal samples (MiniShoey, Seabo for Bosip, Mango for Ash, AstroSquid for GF). I hope that the voices sound good and the beats sound better :)
  • My fellow partners in music, @DPZ0 and @ArdolfGD. I'm glad to be making music alongside the both of you, and man the stuff we have planned lol
  • Amor and the rest of the B&B team - thank you guys so much, you guys are some of the best people I've met online.



Posted by SplatterDash - August 6th, 2021

Newgrounds Audio Death Match

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned this year for the NGADM! We had just under 130 qualifying submissions and 64 great people moved on to the next round. Because we had to ensure that our scores were solid, the submission time period for the first round was pushed back a day. You can find the updated schedule in the rules post and I wish luck to all 64 competitors in the main round!

FNF Stuff


Recently, @JRetiroX released quite a few sneak peeks of the mod! There's some that include sprites that are being worked on, and there's one that includes a look at one of the songs. You can take a look at the most recent update here!

Elanor Takeover

Things have been going really well with Elanor Takeover on the music side, and the mod is coming along pretty well! Me and @RetroUpgrade are still looking for people to hop on and help, such as an animator, sprite and background artists, and a coder/compiler. Feel free to PM me or Retro if you're interested!



Bob & Bosip

There's a brand new update coming out for Bob & Bosip tomorrow at 3pm EST! This new update, called the Expansion Update, will include two new weeks (none of them are Week 2 ;) ), a fresh new UI, and of course new music. Similar to the original release, the songs that I made will be put up here on Newgrounds, except for one that I'll talk about when the mod releases.

If you're impatient and want to know what's in the mod, tonight you can tune in to UniqueGeese for an early access showcase of the mod! There'll be a pre-show and pre-party at 6:30pm on his YouTube and the mod showcase will be on his Twitch at 7pm (both EST). You won't be able to see it afterwards until its release, so come in and take a look! More info here.

If you're even more impatient, you can find a preview of one of the songs on Twitter. Whose Twitter?

...yep, I did indeed cave into pressure and made a Twitter account lol. To keep away from the side of the internet that is, well, Twitter, I'm not gonna use it as frequently as I use Newgrounds, and I'll make sure to post and share wholesome things only. It's over here if you wanna follow it, and I'll include it in my links eventually as well. I'll be sharing things from other projects too!


Posted by SplatterDash - July 8th, 2021

LOOONG post ahead, I needed to talk about a lot so buckle up lol.

Newgrounds Audio DeathMatch

We're currently almost 3/4 of the way through the audition submission phase with 107 submissions currently qualifying! There's still conversations with us judges that we might shift from 32 to 64 competitors for round 1, but I will keep all competitors informed on if that change will happen or not. If you haven't submitted yet and are wanting to, you still have a week to do so! Audition submissions end at 11:59 pm EST July 18, and you can edit/revise your current submissions up until that time. Check up on the previous news post for rules, scheduling and prizes; head over to the discussion thread if you wanna talk and make memes with other competitors; and submit your auditions over at the audition thread!

But what if I'm under 18 years old...?

The question has honestly been floating around for a bit from other users, and I haven't responded yet to it because I didn't have a solid answer. This year, the limit was placed for competitors of the ADM to be 18+ because of the cash prize. While there is a lot of good talent on Newgrounds from people under 18, the issue comes into play of giving said people money - it's not that we don't want to give money to them, but more from the fact that issues can arise if you give a minor a large amount of money (more likely around $200) without their parents knowing, some of those issues potentially being legal issues. I also didn't know how to implement a "anyone under 18 needs parent permission" system without having loopholes or potential backfires, so that's why the age limit was there.

That said, there was a tiny thought that came up from us judges about putting the same restriction on judges. We aren't getting payed for judging entries, but rather we're volunteers who wanted to help and have good histories on giving reviews to audio and/or creating audio that shows some of the elements in action here on NG. The answer is still blurry, but as of writing this the one spot remaining is currently pending from someone who asked about it. If it opens, the discussions will continue and I will let you know about what it leads to.

With other ADM things, the prize pool is still open for donations and most likely will remain open until the final round - more details are in the rules post. Also, HUGE shoutout to this year's artist, @travsaus , for making this year's art that showed up on the NG frontpage! While I won't be posting the image here since I will only post it up for the different submission threads, you can find it here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the discussion thread or send me a PM. If you're looking for other competitions, TaintedLogic will also be starting up the Newgrounds Underdogs Audio Competition soon, so be on the lookout for that in the audio forums too! (I'll be there to judge for it :D )

Originally, I planned for that to be the busiest and biggest thing I would go through this year. But on the same night that the NGADM Audition Round began, something else launched...

Bob & Bosip: Some Questions, Info and Other Stuff

A few hours before the beginning of the NGADM, a mod for Friday Night Funkin' (NEEEEEEWGROOOUNDS FOOOOREEEEVEEEEERRRR!!!) known as the Bob and Bosip mod released to the public. I worked alongside AmorAltra and a team of great developers to create a part of the OST for the mod, namely the Tutorial remix and Song 2 of Week Bob (also known as Swing). The night that it released... it blew up. There are currently a couple of videos from people who have played the mod that has hit over a million views, and the mod itself is sitting at over 50k downloads. I didn't expect the mod to go big, but dang it went big lol.

If you haven't played it yet, or if you don't know what the mod is, you can go download and see more information here! There's plenty of Newgrounds musicians involved with the project as well, so you'll be supporting them too :)

With all that blowup, though, I do wanna address a few things that haven't been asked but are bound to be at some point in time. Might as well take the time now to answer them before things get really hairy lol. As a sidenote, a lot of these also pertain to my other songs, but if you're in doubt you can always ask.

Q: Can I officially release your song on-

A: NO!




Why not? Simple answer: it's not yours and you don't have permission. It's about as bad as creating merchandise for a large intelectual property (say, a well-known TV cartoon series) without consulting and getting permission from the company that made the property. Not only are you taking something without permission, but in most cases you have the option to make money off of that stolen work, which is a huge nono in any industry. Please do not officially release the two songs - or any song from the OST, for that matter - without permission. And no, I most likely will not give permission for an official release on a platform even if you ask nicely because I don't wish to give that permission to just anybody. There is one person who I have given permission to upload the songs on YouTube; more info on that later. And no - it isn't just me with that mindset; quite a few of the other B&B musicians have the same idea. Don't believe me?

NOTE: Loops, music videos and anything of the sort count as an official release!

Q: Can I use your songs on a large project (i.e. animation, game, etc.) or something that will be monetizable?

A: Please contact me to discuss the details. If you don't do that, the answer is a guaranteed no. Mainly, I want to know a) what the song will be used for, and b) what the context is that the song will be played in; while my songs are free, I don't want them floating around for anyone to just use especially for larger and profitable content. 90% of the time my answer will be saying yes and giving written permission to use and credit the song; however, I can say no if I feel uncomfortable with what it's used for and the context of the project (if I do, I'll make sure to include a reason when I say it and not just say "no have a nice day").

NOTE: General YouTube videos (other than official releases) and Twitch streams do not fall in this category, but rather the next one.

Q: Can I use your songs for anything else not mentioned above (general YouTube/Twitch streams, reaction videos, talk videos, remixes, etc)?

A: Short answer: Sure! Just make sure you give credit.

Long answer: As long as the project doesn't fit into any of the above items, you can use it for whatever you wish! You don't have to ask me for permission, but you can let me know if you want - I'm always interested in finding out where it goes and how it's used. That said, though, please make sure you give credit somewhere in the content or its description. By credit, I mean including the song name, artist (Splatter, Splatterhead, SplatterDash, whatever you feel like for it lol), and a link if possible. For example:

Song Name: Swing (Instrumental)

Artist: Splatter

Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1048005

As long as those three things are included (or two if a link isn't possible), you can use it for smaller things like background music for YouTube videos, Twitch streams, Discord calls and anything else. You also have permission to remix it if you want!

Q: What if I use your songs without permission for things where I need it?

A: Well, first is a message from me asking to either remove monetization (if you have it on) or replacing/removing the song. If there's no compliance, then the flagging/reporting of the content starts up. That should be as far as I need to go, but I can and will go further if needed.

Q: Where can I find official releases of the two songs?

A: Here on Newgrounds, you can find the official releases of Swing, the Instrumental of Swing, and the Instrumental of the Tutorial remix. Becuase the Tutorial remix ripped the vocals from the original Tutorial, I chose not to upload the full tutorial song since that most likely goes against Audio Portal Guidelines. On YouTube, I've given AmorAltra permission to upload the full versions of Swing and the Tutorial Remix to his account. The Swing video is a standalone, but you can also find it with the Tutorial remix in the full OST video. Other releases - including those songs being found on another platform and the release of future B&B songs - will be announced here as they happen.

Q: I got another question or I'm wondering about something...

A: Feel free to PM me! My inbox is always open if you have questions or wanna clarify something.

More Funkin'

Other than week Bob, there's more that have been in the works for a bit. For starters, the Bob & Bosip mod is far from finished. The whole team has a lot of ideas that we wanna do, and while I can't tell you about much of them, just know what we're making is gonna be something unlike any mod out there so far :D

Besides that, I've also continued working with @JRetiroX on his mod, VS Terrance! There's been plenty of things going on with the mod, and you can find a small bit of it in the first update here. I'll also mention that we're looking for a programmer for the mod, more info here!

Also, I'm working with my friend @RetroUpgrade for the music on his mod, Elanor Takeover! Things are going well there, and there's help needed too. Anyone who is interesting in animation, art cleaning, and coding can find more info on his help thread here!

Yeah, between the different FNF mods, the NGADM, and a few other IRL things, I've been keeping busy. Luckily, with the mods I'll be able to create and release some good music this year. I'll also see if I can squeeze in a piece or two that isn't FNF related to break the cycle a bit. But ye, that's what's been going on with me, and I'll see if I can keep posted on things!



Posted by SplatterDash - June 20th, 2021

*PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, all rules are in place for all rounds.

Below are all rules, schedules and prizes regarding the 2021 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch (NGADM). Please make sure that you understand the rules, as by entering you agree to be held by them.

General Rules:

  1. To enter, you must either: a) be a scouted Audio Portal musician here on Newgrounds, or b) be eligible to be scouted here on Newgrounds's Audio Portal. If you are unaware of what scouting is or how it works, please refer to this guide.
  2. You must follow all guidelines outlined in the Audio Portal Guidelines in your submission.
  3. You may only submit your own work from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Works submitted from Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. will not be accepted, and neither will work from your friend made on your behalf.
  4. Your work must be original - which means that you should stay away from recognizable hooks and/or memes (sorry).
  5. While we do not have a solid limit on song length for each round, we do suggest (especially in the audition/early rounds) that your song is between 2-6 minutes. This allows a good amount of time to develop an idea while still being engaging with a large quantity of other songs.
  6. You may submit a song that pertains to another competition, provided that it follows both competitions' rules.

For the Audition Round Only:

  1. You may submit any covers, mashups, remixes, VIPs, loops, or any work started before the beginning of the round.
  2. You are not allowed to submit anything that is considered a MIDI rip and/or stolen song, as per the Audio Portal Guidelines.

For All Rounds After the Audition Round:

  1. You may not submit any covers, mashups, remixes, VIPs, loops, or anything that is not considered original work.
  2. You may not start on a piece for the next round before that round officially begins.
  3. All members who were close to entry into a round will be considered "backups" and become part of a backup pool for that round. In the case that a main competitor drops out or DNSs, a backup will be placed in their spot if there are any available.
  4. If you DNS or drop out of the competition, you will not be allowed into the backup pool and will not be allowed re-entry as a competitor.

Regarding Teams:

  1. If you wish to participate as a duo or band, every member must actively take part in every round. Tag teaming is not allowed.
  2. If participating as a band, it is recommended that the producer remains consistent.
  3. If a member of a team/duo decides to drop out, they are unable to rejoin the team/duo and the rest of the members may choose to continue without them.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all timeframes will begin at 12:01 AM Eastern and end at 11:59 PM Eastern on their specified days.
  2. You may not submit a track after the timeframe for submission has passed. If the timeframe ends and you have no submitted tracks, you will be considered as DNS and a backup will fill your spot.
  3. You may not start a track for any round until the round begins its submission timeframe.
  4. You may not edit/change your track during the judging timeframe. If you wish to make changes during the submission timeframe, you may do so and notify the submission thread (in the case that judges have already judged your work).


Audition Round Submission: June 21 -> July 18

Audition Round Judging: July 19 -> August 2

Round 1 Submission: August 3 -> August 16

Round 1 Judging: August 17 -> August 22

Round 2 Submission: August 23 -> September 5

Round 2 Judging: September 6 -> September 12

Round 3 Submission: September 13 -> September 26

Round 3 Judging: September 27 -> October 3

Final Round Submission: October 4 -> October 17

Final Round Judging: October 18 -> October 24


The following people are on the 2021 NGADM Judging Panel:

  • SplatterDash
  • Troisnyx
  • Spadezer
  • User-Jacob
  • AceMantra
  • Glassedhouse
  • The-Great-One
  1. Any and all judges are not allowed to compete in the NGADM.
  2. During the early rounds, the judges may offer feedback on pieces by request following the judging period; for the last three rounds, judges will be leaving reviews on each track.
  3. If any questions arise on critique, please do not carry it outside of DMs. The judges are here to listen, but they aren't going to listen if you make the issue into a knockoff Twitter argument.
  4. Please be respectful to the judges. Like you, they're human and have many other things to do in life as well.


  1. Because this competition involves physical prizes, we must mandate that all participants are 18 years of age or older and are in a location that is open to US trade/shipping.
  2. Please note that the prize list may be subject to change. If you would like to contribute to the prize list, make a Supporter donation and PM TomFulp to let him know you are donating to the NGADM prize pool.

It's currently empty in here... why not drop in a few cents in the Supporter donation tab?



Posted by SplatterDash - May 29th, 2021

Heyo! I'm proud to announce and make mention of the 2021 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch competition, which is coming up on June 21!

For those who don't know, the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch is an annual audio competition that pits users up against one another in tournament-style brackets and two-week time periods to compose an original song. Originally founded in 2010 by fellow audio user @Step, the ADM has brought many names throughout the years, including garlagan and F-777. This year, things are planned to get more intense as many new people have joined us from across the Internet, so be prepared for a great competition!

Prizes are yet to be completely determined. If you have a prize you would like to donate - or know of a company who might be willing to sponsor the competition - feel free to reach out to me through PM. Be on the lookout for more messages and updates later on as we get closer to the competition!



Posted by SplatterDash - May 1st, 2021

EDIT: So after Wave 2 of the EP releases, I finally saw a worry of mine come to be, where track 4 - Hallucinate - ended up being published before Shares. Idk why, but to prevent this from happening again, Hallucinate was reuploaded while it was only six minutes old and there will be a 15-minute gap between one release and the other. Apologies for any inconvenience ;)

Gettin' Freaky

Around a month ago, I ended up getting contact from a relatively new and great user @JRetrioX for the FNF Animation Jam. Unfortunately it wasn't able to be completed in time due to both of us being caught up in real life stuff (me more in this past week than ever), but we're both working on it to be released soon. I'm actually pretty happy with how it's turning out so far - JRetrio is doing a really good job on the animation, so definitely give him some love!

Speaking of which, in the meantime you can check out his Twitter to find a few sneak peeks, look at what he already has here on NG, and even support him through commissions! Who knows, the animation might turn into something larger in the near future...

My Craft

I'm finally happy to mention that in the next week, a whole slew of songs will be arriving here to NG as part of a free collection/EP/album/whatever-you-wanna-call-it called My Craft! It's a Minecraft-themed album that takes a lot of inspiration and charm from the game. Made up of fourteen tracks, it's a bit of a fun project that I worked on and is now ready for its release.

The best part? The EP is getting released TONIGHT! ...well, sort of.

Fourteen tracks, if released all at once, is basically destroying the recent section of the NG audio portal for peeps that might use it to find other artists to scout, especially with Pico Day (happy Pico Day!) going on and plenty being uploaded in the portal already. Plus, I don't know if NG would even allow that large of a quantity to be uploaded at once, or even if the servers would allow it lol. That being said, the EP will start a scheduled release (thanks NG for scheduled releases!) at 00:00 EST May 2nd - which is a little more than 11 hours from now - for the first two songs. Afterwards, the next two songs will be released every day at that same time until all fourteen are available.

Since the EP is free, feel free to use it wherever as long as credit is given. By credit, all I mean is just song name, author (Splatter or SplatterDash is fine), and an optional link to the song (ex. Journey - SplatterDash), or if you're using it here on NG, using the project system to give the songs credit. Crediting for each song will be given in each one's descriptions, but otherwise it's good to use wherever. And yes - wherever also includes Geometry Dash, if you want to use it there.

Other than those two things, happy Pico Day and thanks for 200 followers :D



Posted by SplatterDash - April 19th, 2021

It's been a long time since I used this section of my profile. Might as well dust it off and use it to mention a few things.

In the case it wasn't known, I've been pretty busy since the time the last post was made back in September. I helped with the conclusion of NGADM 2020 (which went really well!) and participated in Tankmas 2020. It still surprises me how the mash that I did for Tankmas became one of my most well-received songs, but at the same time, I'm happy for the things that both the calendar and each of the songs are getting.

Back then, I didn't know too much about this small game known as Friday Night Funkin (which sidenote go support my boi ninjamuffin aND DONATE TO MAKE FNF A FULL GAME GO DO IT GOGOGOGOGOGO). By the time I did finally get to learning what it was, I made it just in time for the FNF Animation Jam to start up. I offered up my help and this meme, and I ended up getting in contact with someone who was interested in making an animation for the jam at the time. Now, though, it's evolved to more than that, and with more time since the jam is over (and no the animation wasn't posted for the jam), I'm excited and hyped for what comes through with the entirety of this project.

That, alongside some other things outside of NG, meant that I was busy in a good way. But not all things that happened were good things.


One of the main reasons why I posted so much news way back when was because I was helping out in an SMP known back then as Bob SMP Season 2. What happened to it since the last post is... a lot. I won't go into detail here, maybe another time I will, but I am no longer a part of the project that was once known as Bob SMP Season 2.

Originally, my thought was to wait and release all tracks alongside the release of the SMP, but obviously that isn't going to happen anymore. Now, I am preparing all tracks for release here on NG very soon. I'll mention a specific date once everything is in the project system, but since there are so many tracks I will be releasing two per day until all fourteen are released. I'm not going to clog up the Audio Portal with fourteen tracks released all at once, I'm not a psychopath lol

My hope is that all fourteen will be provided as a EP that can be freely downloaded and used with credit given. I haven't had that problem so far here on NG, and I don't expect it to be a problem either, but just know that it may be a bit to get everything in the system and ready for a release since I didn't expect it to be as it turned out. Thanks for being patient, thanks for sticking around, and here's to the better stuff coming real soon. :D


Posted by SplatterDash - September 27th, 2020

So uh, I wanted to do this waay earlier but I kinda forgot lol. Hopefully this is still in good enough time to talk about this.

Among Us

I have mentioned this before, but I'm available for anyone who needs music for their Among Us animations! Whether it's something I've already made or something completely new, feel free to contact me if you want to use something of mine in your animation.

Post-NGUAC Thoughts

This year's NewGrounds Underdogs Audio Competition was - and I think many other judges can agree with me on this - much larger than those held in previous years, and I mean that in terms of both quantity and quality of the pieces brought to us. The pieces were definitely of high quality, and while many of us didn't agree that some pieces were better than others, the competition was higher than ever across all groups.

In terms of scores that I gave out, I want to say this to everyone who participated: don't be discouraged from what you see by the numbers. If anything, feel absolutely free to contact me for a review, and I can turn numbers into a critique for you. No matter what, though, the numbers that I gave - and the reasons why I gave them - are probably way different than the numbers that Jessie and SJLS gave, or the numbers that ACXLE gave, and so on. I personally think the best part about these is not the numbers you get, but rather the feedback you can trade them in for to grow and improve. Heck, I didn't win my first NGADM or NGUAC, but I took the advice I got and I came here - chances are, a lot of others here have done that too.

If you're still discouraged after that, then just realize that at least you tried and got somewhere - even if it was the lowest score in the audition phase, you still gave it a shot. You still allowed yourself to be judged, and hey, you now have the opportunity to grow from it. You got feedback, and now it leaves you a step forward from where other people would be if they never entered at all. That's honestly the hidden beauty of the competitions, is that you can improve and take a step forward compared to never leaving the ground at all.

If you're curious what my scores were, you can find them for all rounds in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/146h1H3rJyeOo6YxD0DBND89UMOY7-5-MbCL7MoMbHpU/edit?usp=sharing

Congrats to VociferousMusic, who not only won the competition this year but also had the only piece that took home a solid 10 from me and a few other judges!


More on the SMP soundtrack, another track has been posted! Feel free to check out the song, "Journey", here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yabAoCtbV-g

Thank you to Madeon, who edited the video this time around!

In addition, two more tracks were revealed, made by fellow Newgrounds musicians SirHadoken and Boom Kitty. You can check each of their tracks, Hip and Walk (respectively), over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khKEBHOr4Pw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4IoW5MaGSE

From what I have been told, the final soundtrack sneak peek will be happening soon, but the peek will of course not showcase all songs. Thankfully, (hopefully) every song on the SMP OST made by me will be making its way here to Newgrounds following its opening. I say hopefully because there is one song I'm questioning - I won't say why as of yet, but just know that one song may or may not be included on the track when it comes here.

That's all for now. I'm honestly looking forward to the end of NGADM, and might get myself involved in near-future audio competitions here on the competitor side...

Posted by SplatterDash - September 9th, 2020

So the good ol' eye might notice that not only have I posted two songs so far this year, but also the most recent of the two, River Navigator, went up in February. Long story short, I slipped into a music coma when COVID came until the three audio competitions came around (speaking of which, the two people who asked for NGUAC reviews - I'll get them to you either tonight or tomorrow, sorry for the wait <3). However, I'm happy to mention that I finally got myself out of it, and in a good way!

I am one of the many developers that is currently working behind the scenes for the second season of the Bob Survival MultiPlayer server!

While I can't reveal too many details just yet, what I can mention is that this server, when it is fully completed, will be invite-only. It's also going to be much bigger than its first season, including custom armor that is stronger than netherite, custom mobs, and custom soundtracks and SFX. Over the last month, I've been on the team working on the latter part, and we produced quite a bit, continuing to make things even now. However, none of it has been officially revealed... until now.

A few of the OST songs were revealed to the public, and one of them is a song of mine, Jumanji. Feel free to check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YaFRy2lq7c

A huge, HUGE thank you to the server managers - AmorAltra and ArgonGaming - for this opportunity to work on the OST and SFX, as it helped me not only get out of a dry spell on my end but it also gave me a challenge, especially with the SFX (which, admittedly, I'm kinda bad at lol). Also, thank you to Colon for the creation of the visualizer and video that accompanies the song!

I mentioned a few of the songs were released, with only one of them being mine. The other two songs released were made by SirHadoken and Vlusky, and you can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziguWpyOOLo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD9503PR1Mw

They did a fantastic job on their portions of the OST, so definitely give them some support!

That's it for now, but keep an eye out, as I'll be mentioning any further reveals with the OST as the server comes closer to completion. My portion of the soundtrack might even make its way here to Newgrounds, perhaps...

Posted by SplatterDash - April 1st, 2020


iu_106213_6873099.gif...ok in all seriousness though, stay safe :D