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Day 5-7: Low Supplies, High Morale (March 20-22)


For those wondering where the logs have gone, it's been a mixture of a couple of things occurring:

  1. IRL stuff has been getting a little in the way, and that's where a good portion of my focus needs to go to;
  2. We're actually running low on things to showcase here in the logs, particularly in the games.

Yep, the tagline today isn't just a joke - we're starting to run low on things to show here, particularly with our game submissions, which is so far the portal with the least amount of entries. In fact, one of the highlights for today's log was found within the past 24 hours.

I don't wanna leave portals out of the log highlights, so if you didn't submit a game and want a further chance at some of the cash prizes, don't be afraid to look around the portals you didn't submit for - not just games, but also animation, art and audio! You can absolutely submit for more than one portal, and that in turn can get you a better chance at some of the cash being offered.

All of this is to say that while you absolutely don't have to, feel free to keep looking around and submit for portals you didn't submit, or if you have an extra slot in one of the portals, feel free to fill it! We have time, and there's plenty of gems that can use some discovery.


This section will showcase some of the works that have been accepted into the NG Treasure Hunt, with due credit to their creators. Note that this is not an indication of their placement or ranking in the hunt. If you're seeing this and aren't familiar with the Treasure Hunt or what's going on (or what's in it for you!), you can find info on that here!


For Hatsune Miku's birthday last year, @PannoCatto did this short but funny animation.

@boymylife created a really well animated PSA for his college last year that deals with... well, I won't spoil it here, but you should go check it out - it's short but enjoyable!

Speaking of enjoyable, @AzureChuck created this animation that has a funny premise and an extremely charming ending too.

@studioshowoff created this fun animation that plays like a reality TV show, but it's funny and has a cool animation style to boot!


@FeverDev created a turn-based RPG with both first- and third-person perspectives about a human looking to unravel the mystery behind their prison tower.

For another game about fending off enemies, @DevGio created a defense game where you fight off viruses that are all looking to destroy the computer at the center.

@Jamal-Creates made a shoot-em-up game that's all about survival against a collection of monsters. Simple, but with a cool pixel artstyle and a lot of fun to see how long you can survive!

If you're looking for another shoot-em-up gem, @tazergames created this simple but engaging game with one premise: travel through rooms and shoot up your enemies.


A lot of artists here on Newgrounds are commissioned, and a bunch of them also post their work here on the site - such as this commission that @funktoonmix made of Meowscles!

Neco car. @Za1ntdoesart . Neco car. Bottom text.

@AppleStixTime created an animated piece of art of Stich that feels like something right out of the movie or TV series!

@JamesTDG also created this really cool piece of pixel art, for all of you monster truck fans out there!


If you're looking for an epic showdown, @Arponax 's track from the Boss Battle competition last year combines Electro and Rock to give you just that.

Reviving a work from 2015 and publishing it last year is @Mawnz , who made this fun and enjoyable Chiptune song that feels like a retro adventure!

In the same Chiptune genre, @SkittleWaffle made a chiptune song during Jamuary that's enjoyable and peppy!

@scavengercrab created a relaxing but fun Synthwave track, which is the perfect way to end of today's highlights section.


For those who applied to be judges, we worked some things out and we're finally able to get back to you guys on that, so keep an eye out on your inboxes. A huge apology for the delay!

We're about 10 days away from the deadline - as a reminder, the end of the submission period is Sunday, March 31 at 11:59 pm EST!

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