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oh hi. I am a musician who also does some Geometry Dash creating (emphasis on "some"). I want to make some music that people enjoy. 90% of the stuff on here was stuff that was first on CHIPS, however I will try and post some non-CHIPS stuff here as well.


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Alright, haven't done one of these in a while, so late happy new year to you all :)

So, as may have already been noticed, I removed my SoundCloud account off of my links. Why? Two reasons, mostly: first, I never used it. I only put up one song on it, but never really put up another  one on it, so all the account had was just one song, for the sole purpose of I didn't know it could be uploaded onto NG. However, after a little bit (about like four months or something like that lol), I got the courage to upload it here, where I knew I could be happy with it here.

And that leads into the other reason: I wasn't motivated to stay on SoundCloud. See, SoundCloud has it's 3-hour limit on non-paying accounts, which means that I'm extremely limited on how many songs I can upload there. Plus, there really isn't people in the community who help others. The reason why I like NG is because I can get feedback on what I do, which is part of why I stay and enter into contests and competitions. SoundCloud, to me, seems kinda like the music world's YouTube, where the sole purpose of uploading is to try and make it big, and the sole purpose of making an account is to pay the company behind the service. Newgrounds isn't like that, because there's still a lot for people to do even without the supporter status; basically, Newgrounds is a free service, with supporter status being paid add-ons, while SoundCloud (and partially Youtube, too) are pretty much paid services, giving little to those like me who either can't or don't want to pay money to the company.

So long story short: I will no longer upload stuff to SoundCloud, and I have already removed the SC link from my profile. The one song that was on the account, a remix of Every Hour On The Hour, is now here on NG. From here on, I'll basically be using the account only to follow people or listen to music, but never to upload stuff again.

With that said, hope you are enjoying 2019 :D I myself am trying to get over a few IRL things, but once they are done and over with, I'm gonna be making music with CHIPS and NG. I could also be potentially getting into a few things into the future, but mainly I'm gonna stick to music, perhaps maybe getting into GD again, for a little bit...


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