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oh hi. I am a musician who also does some Geometry Dash creating (emphasis on "some"). I want to make some music that people enjoy. 90% of the stuff on here was stuff that was first on CHIPS, however I will try and post some non-CHIPS stuff here as well.


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So today I logged onto my Ableton account and found out that I was upgraded from my copy of Live 9 to a copy of Live 10 (still Lite). I was really ecstatic to try it out, especially since it looked really cool from what was being shown on multiple angles. The only thing was that nobody I knew of tried out the Lite version, so I was kinda treading into unfamiliar water.

First thing I did once I booted it up was I loaded up my custom plug-ins folder for Ableton. Now, I do have them seperated by 32- and 64-bit, but the majority of what I use is only 32-bit. My fear was that I would be losing that, since the copy of Live 10 Lite didn't come in a 32-bit and only in a 64-bit, and, well... I got what I feared would happen: only the 64-bit plugins showed up, and not the 32-bit plugins. It's a problem carried over from Live 9, but something that I would definitely want to see improved in later Live versions: I would love a 64-bit DAW that could utilize both 32- and 64-bit VSTs and plugins without using something like JBridge, that way there's more unity between them and it allows for us music producers to have a bigger sandbox to roam around in.

Second thing I noticed was that many of the audio devices were carried over, while many others were replaced with newer devices. When I booted some of them up, they had new knobs, but others had the same. All of the effects were the same as well, except for Utility. It's a good change-up compared to Live 9, and I will definitely praise Ableton for that. As of right now, though, I have yet to see any of the instruments in action, so that is something I will look forward to.

Overall: I'm quite excited to see what's in store for Live 10 and me, but I may be sticking with Live 9 a little longer because of the plugins. It's not a big issue, it's just something I've gotten used to having; basically, it's the handicap I've been using for so long and have yet to really shake off. Still, hopefully I can look forward to Live 10, and who knows, maybe other Live versions fix the plugin issue. Whatever happens, I'm down with the music I may make because of this shake-up.

EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm not sponsored by them, I just figured I'd do this because I could, and also this isn't fact, it's opinion, and you guys can have your own opinions on Live 10, I don't mind ;)


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