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I honestly really liked the different animations used in here. There's a good mix of all sorts of animation in here, and I think this definitely lives up to the hype it was given. I wanted to mention this stuff earlier, but I wanted to wait until the menu came out to both a) mention the stuff about it here and b) share it with friends both on and outside of Newgrounds. The menu is really a great touch, and definitely gives the animation as a whole a breath of good touch.

That being said, I do have something I found with the animation with the addition of the menu: somehow, the last few seconds of each clip got cut out, and I don't know if it's because of a glitch or if the menu is forcing each clip sound to be cut short. Also, kind of as an idea, rather instead of picking up and dragging the little icon to which animation we want, I kinda feel that it would be better to remove the marker, and that once we click the first time on an animator on the menu, it selects them, with another click bringing up the ready to play screen and the right click deselecting the animator. It's just a thought, but something I feel could help improve the menu. (EDIT: didn't realize it until later, but a loading wheel would also be really useful, that way we know when the video has to load rather instead of just staring at it frozen, almost as if it just paused itself.)

Overall, props to all the people involved with this, and extra props to Ivan for designing such a great menu. This is the first collab I've seen on the site, and I'm happy to see all sorts of people in it, including a few music people like me. Great job to everyone involved, and what a great way to end off 2018 :D

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So at first I thought that this was gonna be something where you would have two different kinds of adventures, the levels with the white cube and the ones with the black one. I never expected anything like this. It's so simplistic, yet it's so great and different from much that's out there. I like all the little things that the player can do, and how each one of those things makes a difference in the level. I also liked the idea of how, when you know one half of the level, there's an entire other half that could be different or similar. It's honestly a great idea, and the level is so great that I've been angry at times with myself but kept coming back for more. It's really a great level, and I enjoy it very much.

disclaimer: not sponsored

1f1n1ty responds:

lol like someone's gonna walk over and be like "HURR I DON'T TRUST SPLATTER 1F1 PROBABLY GAVE HIM MONEY TO SAY THINGS"

glad you liked it!

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Wow, Boom Kitty is really fighting that apocalypse, whoever this imposter is doesn't know that Boom Kitty never posts more than once a week LOL

On a legit serious note though, I really like this. From both this and Boom Slayer (which I assume are both on that rock-EDM style you mentioned you were working on recently), I can tell that there's a certain style emerging that's different from a lot of your other songs, and different from quite a few others that I've heard, too. Of course, starting from the beginning: that opening bass is so good. Honestly, it took me a bit to adjust to it being the setup for the song, but it grew on me after a few listens and it is a pretty good setup. The drums are really good too - I think this is a great combo/balance between EDM and rock drumming, which fits the piece well. There's plenty of moments where the drums shine in an EDM way, and other times where they fit right into a rock way - and even times where both are going at once, which is impressive.Waylon did really good on those vocals, too - it adds to the rock feel of the piece and it worked out well.
I don't really have that much to complain about here. Maybe the only thing that I could nitpick is that I'm a little confused on 2:52 with that final sound. To me, it seemed off because the overall piece didn't really use too much sounds like that (which is alright, of course), so I'm curious as to the reasoning behind it. That's just nitpicking, though.
Like I said, I really like this and can feel a really good new style coming out. Keep it up, I'm excited to see more from you!

I'm going to be insanely honest, I'm not a huge fan of metal but this SLAPS. I love the atmosphere and the setting up at the beginning, and then it leads to this amazing buildup to the main song. Tell Scott he did a really good job at those vocals too - they absolutely enhance the song tenfold. And those drums - the way you mixed EDM drumming with rock drumming amazes me. It works so well and makes the song so energetic and hyped. I would prefer this over some of the DOOM tracks, but that's more of a personal preference lol.
It's hard to really think of anything that you didn't do well. The only thing I can figure that can improve the song is if you layered on a few different vocal takes at some parts, like at "live another day" at 1:15 or "tear it down" at 2:42. It could help bring even more hype to the upcoming bass/metal breaks and add to the metal part of this track. Again, though, those parts aren't bad as is at all.

I absolutely love this, and I think it may be one of my - if not my absolute - personal favorite of yours. I look forward to the other tracks you're working on in this style :)

BoomKitty responds:

Thank you so much! I agree with your critiques. Working with vocals is hard and I'm still new to it. 1:15 actually has like 4 vocal layers but it's just really hard to make them cut through the mix without really reducing the impact of the instrumentals. Mixing and working with vocals is something I'm going to keep working on!

Official NGADM Review for Round 3.

That intro is honestly soooo good! It gets the listener in the mood, and then BAM! HERE TIMMY CHECK OUT THIS ROCK BALLAD! It's just so good in terms of its composition, keeping itself fresh and even working well with a change of tone in the middle. The sound design here is really good, and the production value is also a knock out of the park.
My critiques? I think that while the sound design is really good, there can definitely be some improvements made to it, mainly coming from the lullaby portion. I thought the music box and flute were a little too bright, but that might be just what I've gotten used to in terms of how music boxes and flutes sound lol. To me, it just distracted me only a little bit, and they are smaller problems that really don't overshadow the entire piece. One other thing that I will mention, and this isn't really affecting your score, is that I felt the delay rate could be slower - rather than being closer to a quarter note value, it might be worth experimenting bringing them to the value of a dotted eighth instead. Again, though, that's just a personal preference that isn't going to affect your score.
Overall, this is suuper good! The two different tones achieved in one piece with similar melodies is hard to pull off well, but I think you did it wonderfully! Great job!

Mackievellian responds:

Amazing, thank you. I actually had it set to a dotted value before but changed it due to it sounding like a three over four polyrhythm, lol. Thank you very much for this feedback, and the kind words, man.

oh hi. I am a musician who also does some Geometry Dash creating (emphasis on "some"). I want to make some music that people enjoy. 90% of the stuff on here was stuff that was first on CHIPS, however I will try and post some non-CHIPS stuff here as well.

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