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oh hi. I am a musician who also does some Geometry Dash creating (emphasis on "some"). I want to make some music that people enjoy. 90% of the stuff on here was stuff that was first on CHIPS, however I will try and post some non-CHIPS stuff here as well.

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Where I've Been, and What's Up Ahead

Posted by SplatterDash - 2 weeks ago

It's been a long time since I used this section of my profile. Might as well dust it off and use it to mention a few things.

In the case it wasn't known, I've been pretty busy since the time the last post was made back in September. I helped with the conclusion of NGADM 2020 (which went really well!) and participated in Tankmas 2020. It still surprises me how the mash that I did for Tankmas became one of my most well-received songs, but at the same time, I'm happy for the things that both the calendar and each of the songs are getting.

Back then, I didn't know too much about this small game known as Friday Night Funkin (which sidenote go support my boi ninjamuffin aND DONATE TO MAKE FNF A FULL GAME GO DO IT GOGOGOGOGOGO). By the time I did finally get to learning what it was, I made it just in time for the FNF Animation Jam to start up. I offered up my help and this meme, and I ended up getting in contact with someone who was interested in making an animation for the jam at the time. Now, though, it's evolved to more than that, and with more time since the jam is over (and no the animation wasn't posted for the jam), I'm excited and hyped for what comes through with the entirety of this project.

That, alongside some other things outside of NG, meant that I was busy in a good way. But not all things that happened were good things.


One of the main reasons why I posted so much news way back when was because I was helping out in an SMP known back then as Bob SMP Season 2. What happened to it since the last post is... a lot. I won't go into detail here, maybe another time I will, but I am no longer a part of the project that was once known as Bob SMP Season 2.

Originally, my thought was to wait and release all tracks alongside the release of the SMP, but obviously that isn't going to happen anymore. Now, I am preparing all tracks for release here on NG very soon. I'll mention a specific date once everything is in the project system, but since there are so many tracks I will be releasing two per day until all fourteen are released. I'm not going to clog up the Audio Portal with fourteen tracks released all at once, I'm not a psychopath lol

My hope is that all fourteen will be provided as a EP that can be freely downloaded and used with credit given. I haven't had that problem so far here on NG, and I don't expect it to be a problem either, but just know that it may be a bit to get everything in the system and ready for a release since I didn't expect it to be as it turned out. Thanks for being patient, thanks for sticking around, and here's to the better stuff coming real soon. :D